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Your Clinic Elevated

Scaling your clinic business is impossible without drastical improvement of processes. Remedico has a set of tools created to elevate clinic processes and help you scale faster.

Smart Appointments™ HyperRealistic 3D Dental Chart™ Treatment Case / Plan PatientFlow™


Patient experience with your clinic starts from appointing a visit. Smart Appointments in Remedico have been designed from the ground up to make receptionists and managers work more efficiently and increase the patient journey success rate.

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3D Dental Chart™

All teeth are unique and tell their own story. With HyperRealistic 3D Dental Chart, doctors have a tool-set to create and convey not just a story but a blockbuster about teeth, never leaving a detail behind (ICD codes included). This dental chart is the foundation of your treatment plan and relationship with your patient. Elevate your story to a blockbuster.

HyperRealistic 3D Dental Chart - photo 1 HyperRealistic 3D Dental Chart - photo 2

Case & Plan

Your relationships with your patients are built on care and attention to detail. Therefore we literally reinvented Treatment Case management in Remedico, putting patients current and future needs on top. Every problem, suspicion ever mentioned or observed is now carefully followed, re-examined and timely treated. Result – a Treatment Plan that no patent would be able to resist. Your one-time patients become your forever patients.

Treatment Case & Plan - photo 1 Treatment Case & Plan - photo 2


Every step of your patient with your clinic turns into a journey. And this journey’s outcome and emotional comfort turns into the patient’s experience. Ensuring patient’s smooth journey is a turnkey to great patient’s experience and retention. PatientFlow is a set of solutions built to provide the smoothest journey of your patient with your clinic and establishes a great first impression. Patient Quiz is designed to turn lobby waiting time into a gamified experience that reduces room for mistakes and sends patient’s data straight into your database.

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Built for dentistry.
Innovation in every bit.

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Remedico platform is built around a vision of creating data-driven healthcare. With the platform launch, we are announcing the most ambitious part of our project – Dentaverse™.

Our take on the future of collaborative dentistry.
Dentaverse people

Dentaverse™ is a global platform for clinics and professionals to experience, collaborate, build, and share clinic cases.

Dentaverse VR

Patients and doctors can share one Dentaverse™, discover clinic state, invite practitioners around the world to collaborate, and share anonymized cases to contribute to data-driven

Dentaverse™ 0.2 will be part of Remedico with Hyper Realistic 3D preview and interaction with teeth. Tell your patients an AR/VR story of their teeth like never before.

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Retention Booster AI™

We see managing Clinic operations built around patients first. Retention of patients is the primary source of the clinic’s growth, the happiness level of clients, and profitability. For this, we built Patient Retention Boost AI™:

  • AI-enhanced flow of patient communication via email, phone calls, messages
  • Proper messaging and offers at the right time (AI-driven patterns)
  • Up to 45% average growth of retention of the patients.

Boost Your Patient Retention Rate
Retention Booster AI Patient and Dentist
Retention Booster AI Dentist talk to Patient with Remedico software displayed on the screen

Increase patient retention rate, treatment plan acceptance rate and improve processes with Remedico EMR software for dental clinics

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