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Re: Inventing Medical Software for WEB 3.0 Future

I have always been passioned about creating new and innovative products that shape the future.

That's why we have launched Remedico, a revolutionary platform aimed at elevating the standard of healthcare. In 2023, we are launching our flagship product, Remedico EMR for dental clinics, with the first preview of Dentaverse. This is our most ambitious project yet, and we invite you to join us on this exciting journey to transform the way patients experience healthcare.

With our team's expertise and over 10 years of experience, we are committed to making our vision a reality. We are inspired by the spirit of bold innovation and ambitious dreams, which fuels our drive to bring cutting-edge solutions to the healthcare industry. We believe that patients deserve convenient, personalized, and high-quality healthcare, and our platform is designed to deliver just that. We are excited about the opportunities ahead, as we work towards our mission of revolutionizing healthcare and creating a brighter future for patients.

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Constellation of Innovations

Remedico started with simply EMR. But during development, it has evolved into a series of innovations aimed at addressing the key needs of a modern growing clinic.


Dentaverse™ Virtual Reality

With Dentaverse™, users can enjoy a seamless experience in the world of dental clinics. They can share their cases and collaborate with other professionals globally. Patients can explore the state of clinics and connect with practitioners worldwide to seek help and advice. The platform allows users to contribute to the advancement of data-driven dentistry by anonymously sharing their cases.

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Smart Appointments


With Remedico's Smart Appointments, you can take control of your clinic's patient experience from the moment you schedule a visit. This innovative system has been developed to streamline the work of receptionists and managers, helping to improve the chances of a successful patient journey. SMS and WhatsApp notifications, timely reminders that help you establish rapport with your patients – we got you covered.

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Patient Flow


With PatientFlow, you can create a seamless and enjoyable experience for your patients from start to finish. Our set of solutions are designed to enhance your clinic's operations, from reducing wait time in the lobby to collecting important patient data accurately. Using Patient Quiz, you can transform waiting time into an interactive and fun game, ensuring your patients are engaged and entertained while also collecting vital information. With PatientFlow, you can provide a great first impression and increase patient retention by delivering an exceptional patient journey.

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HyperRealistic 3D Dental Chart️

3D Dental Chart™

With the HyperRealistic 3D Dental Chart, you have the power to create comprehensive and detailed dental treatment plans for your patients. This tool not only allows you to tell the story of each tooth but also includes ICD codes to ensure complete accuracy. Use this dental chart as the foundation of your patient relationship and provide a comprehensive and informative treatment plan that elevates your story to a blockbuster level.

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Treatment Funnel


Treatment Funnel is an approach to a doctor's experience with Remedico App. It goes with the idea that every patient's case has to go through a particular set of processes like 'observation', 'treatment' etc. Treatment Funnel is an approach to discipline, consistency, and experience improvement throughout the patient's journey. Unlike traditional EMR design, it enforces a linear process for better management and efficiency, as opposed to potential chaos and inconsistency in data management. At the same time, Treatment Funnel forces doctors to adapt their routines to a more efficient way of managing patient treatment.

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Retention Booster AI™

With Patient Retention Boost AI™, you can effectively manage your clinic operations and prioritize your patients. The AI technology enhances communication with your patients through email, phone calls, and messages, ensuring they receive proper messaging and offers at the right time. As a result, you can expect an average increase in patient retention of up to 45%. With this tool, you can not only improve your clients' happiness level but also drive your clinic's growth and profitability.

The Team that Dreams It

Nataliia Romanova

Nataliia Romanova

CEO Remedico

After leading world businesses for the past 5 years ad director of Marketing, Nataliia moved to Dubai and embraced an opportunity to contribute to something greater and Started Remedico in 2022.

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Iurii Borysyuk

Iurii Borysyuk

Product Manager

10 years of platform development left Iurii hungry to start his own product from scratch, so he joined the team from day one with no doubts.

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Serge Dobrorez

Serge Dobrorez

Product Designer

After crafting communication design and user experience frameworks for various global brands as a member of a world-known creative agency, Serge decided to flip sides and contribute 100% to one project he believed in. That is how Remedico was born.

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